Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Santa Cruz Sheriff against permanent checkpoint " --- KVOA

Channel 4 ran a story last night on the permanent checkpoint issue. Once again, frontline law enforcement officials made the case against a permanent Border Patrol checkpoint. Sheriff Estrada said it will result in an increase in crime around the checkpoint and that smuggling and illegal immigration should be stopped at the border.

Combined with concerns about checkpoint effectiveness in other regions and the public safety implications with a permanent I-19 checkpoint, it is unbelievable that the Border Patrol persists on building a permanent checkpoint.

It is laughable and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of our constitution for some to suggest that the I-19 permanent checkpoint is a foregone conclusion. Our current Congressional delegation could easily stop this travesty and force the Border Patrol to examine other options to secure our border. It would require nothing more than Congress exercising their constitutionally mandated power of the purse. That is precisely what former Congressman Kolbe did when he was in office.

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Guido said...

As citizen and resident of Southern Arizona in Santa Cruz County, I believe that yet again Sheriff Tony Estrada is misrepresenting the facts and is talking just to be saying something even if it drivel. I have lived in Santa Cruz County since 1997. Something that Sheriff Estrada is misrepresenting about the checkpoint is that in fact if it located at Kilometer 50 on I-19 it will not cost his department and time or manpower to respond to it as it will no longer be in Santa Cruz County it will be in Pima County.

In my opinion Sheriff Estrada is not a credible candidate for expressing any professional opinion on the Border Patrol or their activities. The reason that I express this opinion is that in 1999 a Border Patrol Agent was shot and killed by DRUG SMUGGLERS and what did Sheriffs Estrada's very first statement to the Nogales international say in part? It is entirely likely that the deceased Border Patrol Agent was killed by his partner. The insensitivity to the surviving agent and callous brush off that a DRUG SMUGGLER had SHOT a Border Patrol Agent in the head and killed him was then and is still inexcusable. Sheriff Estrada has on several other occasions made the fact that he holds some type of contempt for the Border Patrol And its Agents obvious. If you don't believe me check out the back issues of the Nogales International Newspaper.