Sunday, July 15, 2007

Op-Ed in Today's Green Valley News

Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jim DiGiacomo's has an op-ed in today's Green Valley News. It makes several the key points.

  • Though the workgroup was assured repeatedly by Giffords that “no idea is off the table,” it appears that the Border Patrol is little interested in the community’s input.
  • By the Border Patrol’s own admission, a permanent checkpoint will drive the drug smugglers and human traffickers off the highway and into surrounding communities, with their multi-million- dollar cargos and their automatic weapons.
  • Permanent checkpoints are an archaic strategy. They are fixed landmarks for smugglers to avoid. The Border Patrol’s only apparent rationale for moving forward with this flawed approach is, “we have done it before.”
  • There is a way to secure the border and keep our neighborhoods safe. There is a way for the Border Patrol to become a technologically advanced and agile law enforcement agency, capable of deterring illegal entry into the country and effectively responding to all incursions. Throwing in the towel and setting up shop at a permanent checkpoint - shifting the burden to local law enforcement - is not the answer.


David said...

I agree 100%. Why are they pushing an arcane strategy that hasn't proven to work elsewhere?

Guido said...

Wait I am confused. CSSB keeps pointing to El Paso and San Diego as examples yet they both have numerous interior PERMANENT Checkpoints.