Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to the Citizens for a Safe Secure Border Blog

Welcome to the Coalition for a Safe and Secure Border (CSSB) blog. The purpose of this blog is to share information about the Border Patrol's plans to construct a permanent checkpoint on the I-19 corridor between Nogales and Tucson. Many residents and law enforcement officials are concerned about the impact that this checkpoint will have on their safety. A fixed checkpoint is essentially a monument to over 3 decades of this obviously flawed strategy that will be circumvented by smugglers. This will inevitably result in illegal and violent activities moving into our neighborhoods along the I-19 corridor.

It is also important to note that it is not the intent of the CSSB or this blog to criticize the service of the men and women serving in the Border Patrol. In fact, many residents in this area have been victims of crime perpetrated by smugglers and the Border Patrol has often been the first responders. Rather, we are exercising our right as citizens to ask our government to think "outside of the box" and come up with a solution to border security beyond a strategy that has been in place for three decades with what could be characterized as at best questionable results.

Check back often, we will post information as we get it. If you have information you would like have shared, please let us know.


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