Monday, August 6, 2007

Editorial in the Green Valley News, Friday August 3

In the it is better to post later than never category, the Green Valley News editorial in last Friday's issue deserves attention. It made many excellent points, but the next to last paragraph summarized the issue perfectly --- "In our final analysis, the border checkpoints will make the problem worse in our part of the world."


Guido said...

For those of you who believe that a single static line of defense works I got the following lesson for you. A government believed that their national security was at risk and come up with a modern technological marvel to stop the invaders from crossing their border and taking over their country. They put several years and a large amount of money into its construction. For they believed that a strong single static line of defense would stop the invaders and they were wrong!! This technological marvel is today known as the Great Wall of China and it failed. The Mongols went on to capture and rule China for years.

Heck even the castle builders of the middle ages understood that defense in depth was the only way to defend an object. That was the reason for a moat, then the outer wall and then the inner wall. The only way that we will be able to defend our country from illegal aliens, the illegal entry of terrorists and the illegal entry of weapons of mass destruction is a defense in depth, which needs to include a permanent check point in I-19. Temporary checkpoints DO NOT and CAN NOT have the infrastructure to properly conduct checkpoint operations.

Germaine said...

Comparing the Great Wall of China and castle builders to our current situation doesn't make any sense to me. Technology has come a long way since then. It is my belief that a strong static line of defense that uses state of the art technology (SBI net), road barriers, more personnel ON the border, drones, and rebuilding the ports of entry makes a lot more sense for the 21st century.


Guido said...

A singlr static line of defense is a single static line of defense. It does not matter how much technology that you place on that line eventually it will be penetrated. Once that line is penetrated and you do not have a defense in depth set up everything that penetrates that single static line of defense will be free to roam around behind it with NO fear of repercutions or apprehension.

That is why even our ultra technologically advanced military belives in and practices a defense in depth.